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Human sensor radar series
Human sensor radar series

Human sensor radar series

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High-precision human perception,very micro-motion can be observed.

  • It adopts advanced millimeter wave radar technology,the detection accuracy reaches the millimenter level.
  • It not only detects people passing by,but also captures every micro-motion of the body.
  • Even if you are stand still,lying down and playing on the phone,it can clearly detect you,and you are no longer afraid of the lights off.
  • While celling installation,the longest static detection distance can be up to 4 meters,and the longest motion detection distance can be up to 6 meters,which varies according to the actual situation on site.


Two-in-one sensor switch,lights on when people come and lights off when people go.

Built-in high-precision ambient light sensor,Accurately identify the surrounding light conditions.

  • During the day,the light is sufficient,the sensor lights and automatically turned off.
  • At night,lights on when people come and lights off when people go,and you will not afraid of darkness no longer.


Support access to common lamps such as chandeliers,ceiling lamps,light strips,wall lamps,bulbs,spotlights,down lights,etc.

  • Maximum support 2000W load access.


Auto lighting up

  • identify day and night;
  • Non-contact sensor switch;
  • Light on and light off with human detection;


Keep the light on even if you are unmoving

  • When you are using a phone,taking shower or using the bathroom,the lights will not suddenly turn off.


Save power

  • Set a time limit to turn off TV/air conditioner when there is no people;


Home care

  • Monitor children and pets,In time alarm when they leave house;