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Showcasing Brilliant Technological Achievements

Mar 31,2023

On March 29th, local time in the United States, the highly anticipated ISCWest 2023, a Western American security exhibition, officially opened.

At this exhibition, Relong unveiled a series of indoor and outdoor smart home products, 4K DVR/NVR kits, AI IPC/Turbo warm light full-color camera products. At the same time, the self-developed four-in-one GUI software system platform for overseas markets further demonstrates Relong's innovative strength as a hardware and software product manufacturer, focusing on AI intelligence, and jointly promoting OEM/ODM channels and branding. Relong's global layout is constantly deepening."

Relong has taken its smart home products overseas for the very first time

WiFi home cameras have a wide range of applications in improving home security, facilitating daily life, and caring for family members. In response to this demand, Relong has launched a full range of smart home cameras, from indoor to outdoor, providing users with real-time monitoring and a user-friendly experience.

  • Outdoor 4G solar-powered series

。This series features 4G communication, solar panel power supply, built-in high-capacity battery for uninterrupted power supply, dual light source switching, and supports PIR intelligent human detection

  • Indoor PTZ camera

The camera supports 2.4G WiFi, two-way voice intercom, cloud storage service, intelligent human detection, and voice alarm

  • Clink app

he servers are deployed globally and the camera supports Android/iOS downloads, as well as customized services


Creating differentiated features for the 4K DVR/NVR kit

In response to market demands, Relong has launched highly cost-effective kits that are suitable for small offices, private residences, warehouses, and small stores, among other locations. These products cater to the needs of different customers in various settings, offering the following advantages

  • Advanced manufacturing processes ensure that the products are resistant to oxidation and discoloration. Multiple light sources and lenses are available for selection
  • asy to install, self-explanatory design, mater in no time. Customers can understand and use the products without the need for complex pre-sales communication and training
  • reutilize,The products have excellent scalability and upgradability, making it easy to upgrade existing products and save costs while being environmentally friendly.


Relong offers a complete range of AI IPC/Turbo warm light and full-color products.

  • Innovatively equipped with front-end vehicle and pedestrian detection, it has a powerful AI algorithm for human and vehicle detection that can significantly improve alarm accuracy and work efficiency while reducing storage space.
  • Supports 5MP resolution and H.265 standard.
  • Supports high resolutions ranging from 1080P to 4K, with multiple options for casing and lenses
  • 24/7 full-color surveillance cameras, capturing more vivid images.


New release of the Four-in-One GUI software platform

Relong's newly developed "Four-in-One" GUI software system platform unifies the display styles of the product's local GUI display system, browser web application access, PC computer client management, and mobile app real-time monitoring. This achieves a unified appearance for multiple functional interfaces and provides cross-platform application capabilities that are compatible with various operating systems, hardware, and browsers, giving users more freedom of choice. The Four-in-One platform elevates our products to a new level, providing users with a whole new interactive experience.

Currently, Relong's globalization process and development model have entered a new stage. Looking towards the future, Relong adheres to product and technological innovation as the foundation, centered around the customer, to conduct global, intelligent, and scenario-based upgrades. This will strengthen the core competitiveness of Relong's R&D, products, channels, and brand, further realizing sustainable growth for Relong's business.