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"Restart and Redefine" - Relong proudly releases four new products

Feb 08,2023

Relong, a pioneer in the intelligent security industry, held its 2023 New Product Launch with the theme of "Restart, Redefine" at its company exhibition hall. The event brought many heavy-weight new products, furtherly accelerating the global footprints of the intelligent security market.

Under the guidance of the Group Chairman, Mr. Zhang, Relong released a series of flagship products, adding new members to its security product family and industry-customized products. The new security products include AI DVR kits, AI NVR kits, the all-new "Four-in-One" GUI, and the AI camera for intelligent electric scooters. The hardware and software are comprehensively upgraded, leading the industry and laying the foundation for the development of the Relong brand both in the domestic and overseas markets.



The 4K AI DVR and NVR kits have advanced technology and versatile configurations, suitable for various scenarios.

The company has launched two types of products: 4K 4CH AI DVR Kits and 4K 4CH/8CH AI NVR Kits. The various configuration combinations of AI DVR Kits can meet the needs of different demands. The 4K AI NVR Kit is available in two versions, 4-channel and 8-channel, to meet the needs of multiple channels and configurations.

Product highlights: Adopting a new four-in-one system, easy to upgrade; support AI-powered human/vehicle shape detection based on DVR/NVR initially; advanced technology, anti-oxidation and anti-color fading; multiple light sources and multiple lens options; the AI-recognized NVR Kit in the back-end is beneficial for upgrading existing products, saving costs and being environmentally friendly. These products are suitable for small office spaces, private residences, warehouses and small shopping malls, meeting the needs of different customers in different scenarios.


The newly designed "four-in-one" GUI has a unified multi-interface function entrance.

Relong has developed a new "four-in-one" GUI software system platform. The "four-in-one" means that the local GUI display system of the product, browser web application access, PC computer client management, and mobile app real-time monitoring, these four major application display interfaces are unified in style and multiple-screen functions are unified in entrance. The four-in-one platform takes our product to a new level and brings users a brand new interactive experience.


The "Four-in-One" GUI software system platform developed by Relong has the capability of cross-platform application. It is compatible across operating systems, hardware, and browsers, Expanding the options for users.


The two-wheel AI camera revolutionizes the shared electric scooter industry.

With the development of the shared electric vehicle market, the current situation of inadequate regulation of not wearing safety helmets and haphazardly changing and parking vehicles seriously hinders the development of the industry. However, traditional solutions such as Bluetooth road nails, RFID tags, gyroscopes, magnetic fields, and parking piles all have the drawbacks of being technologically outdated, having single functions, and having high construction and operational costs. In light of this, the M5C1 intelligent fixed-point and direction detection camera, specifically designed for the urgent needs of the shared electric vehicle industry for fixed-point and direction parking, solves two pain points in the industry with a more efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective AI visual solution, which represents a major improvement compared to traditional technical solutions.


The M5C2 intelligent in-vehicle dual-camera system creatively solves three challenging issues of fixed-point and directional parking and helmet detection using a cost-effective AI vision solution with a one-to-two approach. The solution has strong all-weather adaptability, highly efficient and stable recognition rate, and fast response ability. It is compatible with mainstream central control protocols on the market and has a powerful intelligent algorithm capsule adaptation capability, allowing for switching between different algorithms according to needs. The remote OTA upgrade and iteration capability can quickly adapt to policy project requirements in different places.


The launch event was full of highlights. As a company with over 20 years of security product heritage, Relong has continuously sought breakthroughs and innovations in the field of intelligent technology, continuously enhancing its products, channels and brand, completing a diverse layout and committed to providing the industry and the global security market with more extreme and better intelligent products.

In the future, Relong will continue to increase efforts in exploring domestic and overseas markets, creating more differentiated products, and showcasing the power of " technology for greater good" to the world.